12 floating rock events

Nephew is one of the bands
boarding the ship

ROSA collaborates with DFDS on a new initiative on the Copenhagen-Oslo route: Intimate rock concerts back and forth. Aboard the DFDS Copenhagen-Oslo ferry, you can experience Nephew, Kira & The Kindred Spirits, Lars H.U.G, Carpark North and a number of other famous Danish acts in the months to come.

The new initiative starts on Wednesday June 14th  where Nephew, Oh No Ono, and Blue Foundation’s DJ team will all give concerts before the ferry reaches Oslo the next day. And during the summer, Kira & The Kindred Spirits, Carpark North, Lars H.U.G, Teitur, Tobias Trier, Under Byen, Randi Laubek will all board the stage on the way to Oslo.

– The idea of a collaboration originates from DFDS, says ROSA’s manager Gunnar Madsen. – And we think that this approach is so exciting and different that the challenge is worth a shot.

– With professional handling of both light and sound in mind, we soon checked out whether the ferries had the proper rooms for these kinds of concerts. The facilities were OK, and there will be room for a couple of hundred people.

In June and August, the ferry will host 12 concerts (In July there will also be jazz on the programme with Caroline Henderson and Cæcilie Norby in connection with Copenhagen Jazz Festival). And apart from that, DFDS will support the SPOT Festival, just like ROSA will have 12 trips at its disposal from Copenhagen-Oslo, which Danish bands can take use of when testing their strengths against the Norwegian market.

– The trips will also provide the bands with the opportunity of reaching a new Nordic audience, and it will give them a chance to get in touch with their Norwegian contacts in Oslo before the ferry returns to Copenhagen, says Gunnar Madsen.


14/06 Nephew + Oh No Ono + Blue Foundation DJ Team
16/06 Kira & The Kindred Spirits + Jens Unmack
20/06 Powersolo + Carpark North
24/06 Teitur
23/07 Under Byen
25/08 Peter Sommer
31/08 Randi Laubek
Allan Olsen Solo
18/09 Niels Skousen + Eivør Pálsdóttir
20/09 Hush
22/09 Lars H.U.G.
24/09 Rasmus Nøhr Duo