13 Danish acts at by:Larm

our broken garden

Singer Anna Brønsted will be
performing Thursday at by:Larm
with Our Broken Garden.

Oslo will be sizzling later this week, when this years by:Larm festival kicks off Thursday 19th and runs until Saturday 21st. The Norwegian equivalent of SPOT Festival will present a wide array of live acts, including 13 Danish acts – Majors, Our Broken Garden, Pilgrimz, Electrojuice, SMALL, Beta Satan, Valravn, Heidi Mortenson, The Wong Boys, Turboweekend, WhoMadeWho, Men Among Animals and Choir of Young Believers will all be performing.

The previous years have seen the festival move from city to city, however last years stop in Oslo was apparently such as success that the festival organisers decided to stay in Oslo for this years festival as well. In the course of  three days approximately 130 bands, both established and up-coming, will play 350 concerts on 40 different stages.

The Electrojuice boys are gearing up to play at

By:Larm is a two parts festival, which means that a series of lectures, seminars and debates takes place during the day, while the concerts takes place at night and are open to the public.




Thursday, 19. February
20.00 Choir of Young Believers (Folkets Hus Oslosalen)
21.30 Our Broken Garden (Folket Hus Auditoriet)
00.30 Majors (Blå)

Friday, 20. February
20.00 Pilgrimz (Chateau Neuf/Betong)
20.30 Beta Satan (Rockefeller Annex)
21.30 Heidi Mortenson (Blå)
22.30 The Wong Boys (Villa)
22.30 Majors (Stratos)
23.30 SMALL (Rockefeller Annex)
23.30 Turboweekend (Blå)
00.30 Choir of Young Believers (Folkets Hus Christianiasalen)
01.00 Electrojuice (Dagbladet Teltet Annex)

Saturday, 21. February
20.00 Valravn (Dagbladet Teltet)
20.00 Electrojuice (Villa)
20.00 Men Among Animals (Rockefeller)
21.00 Heidi Mortenson (Villa)
21.30 SMALL (Folkets Hus Christianiasalen)
22.30 Beta Satan (Mono)
22.30 Turboweekend (Folkets Hus Christianiasalen)
23.00 Pilgrimz (John Dee)
23.00 Men Among Animals (Mono)
00.30 The Wong Boys (Dagbladet Teltet Annex)
01.00 WhoMadeWho (Dagbladet Teltet)