14 Acts Announced for SPOT – for the First Time


BREUMM plays at this year’s SPOT Festival

Now the first fourteen acts are ready for the 2008 SPOT Festival. All of them debutants at SPOT. And all of them handpicked from a field of no less than 783 applicants, who wanted to play at this year’s festival, which takes place on the 6th and 7th of June in and around The Concert Hall in central Aahus.

As usual, the bands represent a multitude of genres, but if one should point to a general trend, it is the electronic elements in the bands’ sound. Incidentally, the predilection for electronic elements is something that characterizes a large proportion of the applicants: the keyboard and the laptop seem set to challenge the rock guitar as the dominant mode of expression.        .
Boom Clap Bachelor, BREUMM, Marvel Hill, Spejderrobot, Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band and Turboweekend have all incorporated the electronica into their sound – one way or the other. However, the festival has more to offer than electronica since Jong Pang, Hymns From Nineveh, Dixon Speed, Men Among Animals, The Elephants, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Choir Of Young Believers and Monkey Cup Dress represent other genres of rock ranging from singer/songwriter and alternative pop to garage and surf etc.

“The new bands and first-timers at SPOT look really promising this year. We are really looking forward to presenting them at SPOT together with other new acts and more established bands”, says Gunnar Madsen, head of ROSA and the SPOT Festival, when asked about the prospects for this year’s festival.

More bands will be revealed in the very near future