8 Danish bands heading for Texas

8 Danish bands heading for Texas
Henrik Friis & Nils Åkesson

The 16th edition of South by SouthWest (SxSw) is launched in Austin, Texas, 12th – 16th March. Attending this leading conference and festival event, ROSA attemps one of it’s up till now biggest offensives with a joint Danish-Norwegian venture and support for a big Crunchy Frog showcase.

Seven Danish bands will be presented at two occasions:

14th March a newly established cooperation between ROSA and it’s Norwegian counterpart, Music Export Norway, proudly presents Saybia, Puddu Varano and Baby Woodrose along with Norwegian Madrugada, Sondre Lerche and Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band at Tequila Rocks.

Saybia – hot in the States too?

And the day before, the 13th March, you can find Junior Senior, Superheroes, Learning From Las Vegas, The Tremolo Beer Gut and Swedish The Mopedsjoin forces at a showcase, at the club Friends, arranged by their record company Crunchy Frog.

Funny enough, The Raveonettes also has a concert on 13th March – at the Empire – which makes this day “Big Crunchy Frog Day”. At this event though, The Raveonettes are presented by their international company Columbia.

The Burnouts – burning at SxSw in 2001.

The Danish-Norwegian cooperation and the Crunchy Frog showcase make up the biggest offensive in ROSA’s history ever in connection with SxSw, which by the way, has had Danish participation since 1994.
Since 1996 (except 2002) ROSA has been on the spot at this grand scale international conference and festival, where you can find representatives from all over the musical world: Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia, South America and naturally a lot of participants from USA. All in all about 1000 bands!

Besides the joint Danish-Norwegian showcase, the two countries share the same stand at the venue. And ROSA and Music Export Norway have compiled a CD containing 13 bands in order to promote the music from the two countries – this with participation of the American marketing firm Girlie Action, who will be distributing the CD to 750 American firms in the music business. Girlie Action also handles other marketing relations in connection with the Norwegian and Danish appearance at SxSW 2003.