Anders Laursen

Anders was born in 1949 and is a city-slicker with a “strong rural ancestry” as he puts it himself.

His interest in music started when he was in college. He taught himself to play alto/tenor saxophone whilst studying as a Civil Engineer (1976) and started playing jazz at the age of 20, with Søren Houlind and Ib Lindschou, to name a few.

He worked for the Ministry of Commerce up until 1980, before the music really took over, when he started to ‘rock’ with ‘Sylvester and the Swallows’, ‘SW 80’ and ‘2nd Line Funkomatic’.

Anders has been Chairman for DMF since 1992 and joined ROSA’s BoD in 1994, where he has been Chairman since 1997.

Anders still like to play alto-sax, when he has the time, prefering a ‘little bit of jazz’ and Caribbean music with Los Originales.