Anders Søndergaard

Anders was born in 1978 in Odder, where he attended Rathlouskolen up to the ninth grade. Following elementary school and aspiring to become a grunge star, he continued his education at Odder Gymnasium.

In his spare time, he worked for Fajabefa, and, after graduating, he worked for a backpacker travel agency, in connection to which he was sent on assignments in Thailand and Nepal among other places.

His plans of working with music from a media perspective was one the reasons why he embarked on media science at the University of Århus, an education he has supplemented with additional courses in law, musicology, and economy along the way.

He has finished the bachelors, but the master’s thesis (on music and media) still needs completion.
Anders is a musician, he owns a studio together with some friends, and he records his own music.

He started working for ROSA in early 2006 as part of his education, and subsequently he started working in the marketing department.