Aura and Fagget Fairy's do Germany

“Feed The Horse” by Fagget Fairy’s, has during the last couple of weeks, been creeping it’s way up the German dance chartlist Deutche Club Charts in a nice tempo: from a 35th position two weeks ago, to a 28th and now 19th.
Aura can also after only two weeks be found listing nr 55 on the national airplay trend-barometer, which her label Universal is very exited about.

-It all looks well, says Kenneth Bager – When it comes to Fagget Fairy’s we bet on getting support from MXD – so we could hire a press bureau and a DJ/CLUB promoter to work for us in Germany.
The press bureau helped us get quit a few front page articles in different German music magazines, which is crucial if you want to break through in Germany, and now the club-promoter has sent a number to the big disco’s, which has resulted in that the number now is number 19 on the club-chart – which again gives us the hopes for a cross over to more great pop.

And regarding Aura and her 55th place on the trend-list with “I will love you Monday (365)” after only two weeks release, it’s an absolutely satisfactory development. This creates great expectations at Universal – so much that they are probably going to do a showcase-concert with Aura in Berlin, and she is also secured a space on the German TV show Dome 52 on RTL in November.