Blue Foundation, Mads Langer, Finnish star orchestra, and Danish/Norwegian radio project at SPOT

Blue Foundation – new EP and Nordic mini-tour – will play at SPOT.

Danish/British/Japanese Blue Foundation found their way to SPOT with their mixture of hazy dub, dusty beats, and intriguing melodies. On stage, the band’s impeccable arrangements features an extra musician, and soon they are ready to take their musical endeavour abroad after their major success ‘Sweep of Days’ from 2004: The follow-up EP ‘Dead Peoples Choice’ will be released later this month in all the Nordic countries, coincident with a short Nordic tour.

The young songwriter and rock troubadour Mads Langer has also been added to the programme. Earlier this year, Langer released his debut album ‘Attention Please’ where the radio hit ‘Breaking News’ is just one in a string of catchy melodies, delivered convincingly with heart and great bursts of energy. For the past year, he has given a great deal of well-attended concerts – e.g. at SPOT 11 – and even before his debut album, he had several tracks on the radio.


Finnish KTU – accordion virtuoso Kimmo
Pohjonen will be joined by King Crimson legends
Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto at SPOT

Finland is represented by two orchestras at this year’s SPOT Festival: KTU – Gunn, Kosminen, Mastelotto, Pohjonen is headed by accordion virtuoso Kimmo Pohjonen for a round of wild and ecstatic experimenting rock – performed with the King Crimson stars Trey Guinn and Pat Mastelotto – whereas the well-versed Aavikko offers instrumental compositions brewed on a charming mixture 60’s beach rock, 80’s computer game music, and timeless pop melodies.

Lastly, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and ROSA present the Danish/Norwegian radio project ‘Songwriting in red, white – and blue’ at SPOT: Two Danish and Two Norwegian songwriters and soloists will perform with the Norwegian rock band Real Ones as backing.

Norwegian Real Ones will be the backing band for
four Danish and Norwegian songwriters and soloists for
the radio project ‘Songwriting in red, white – and blue’.

This year, the Danish acts are Camille Jones and Rasmus Nøhr who will perform a handful of songs – Norway is represented by Marthe Valle and  Thom Hell (Jones, Valle, and Hell will also give stand-alone concerts during the SPOT Festival).

The line of concerts ‘Songwriting in red, white – and blue’ is intended to present new musical talent in the neighbouring countries, both to each other and to the audience. It starts on 1 June in Aalborg, 2 June at SPOT, and on 3 June in Copenhagen – after these concerts, the tour will continue in Norway. DR and NRK will air live-recordings from the concerts on the radio.