Brits are in love with Teitur

Teiturs album “The Singer” is out in the UK,
with  “Catherine the Waitress” as the first  single.

In Denmark, Teitur’s fourth album ”The Singer” was released last year to rave reviews from both critics and audience. The album has now been released in the UK to equal praise from the British music critics.

Newspaper The Independent gave the album 5 out of 5 stars and made it ”Album of the week”.

– Teitur Lassen is an intriguing writer and a moving singer whose performances on The Singer wreak a kind of understated but devastating passion comparable to Anthony & The Johnsons, Andrew Gill writes in his review in The Independent and continues:

-Teitur manages the remarkable feat of taking episodes from his own life and dramatising them in songs which manage to reflect the ambivalence, unexpectedness and sometimes downright contradictory nature of reality, in a mischievous character whose black humour can cause the laugh to choke in one’s throat, or transform tears of sadness to tears of joy, mid-song.


 Review of “The Singer” on The  Independents


According to Teitur’s MySpace blog, both NME and website The Fly have also rewarded the album with great reviews – this might indicate that Teitur’s promotion in the UK in the weeks up to the release has paid off.
Next up for Teitur is an extensive UK tour, so the British fans are in for a treat.