Christian was born 1981. 

He has a BA in International Business from Copenhagen Business School and a MBA in lobbyism from United Business Institute in Brussels.

Music has always played a big part in Christian’s life. After discovering the Stone Roses, Christian went on the play in numerous bands (mostly singing). Successful or not, the bands would always play Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Belgium, depending on whether Christian resided in Brussels or Copenhagen.

After a stint at the Rhythmical Folk High School and administrating Copenhagen-based band collectivity Ministry of Noize, Christian went on to study in both Copenhagen and Brussels. 

Combining both music and politics, Christian has interned at the Danish Embassy in Brussels, and has since 2007 fronted the Brussels based music export firm ”The Rocking Factory”.

He has organised MXD’s 2007 ”SPOT on Denmark” showcase in Brussels, while also establishing the band exchange concept ” Platform”.

In 2008, Christian was employed by ROSA with the task of securing exposure of Danish music in the Benelux countries, as well as France, through several activities such as showcases. In late 2008, in a joint collaboration between MXD and ROSA, Christian’s position was upgraded to a full time employment as SPOT On Denmark International Strategy Manager. From 2012 Christian will still be involved in the SPOT On Denmark events and the SPOT Festival, alongside focusing on his own firm, The Rocking Factory.