Diefenbach, Nicolai Dunger, Mugison and Frida Hyvönen at the SPOT Festival

SPOT 2006

Diefenbach – will play at SPOT on top of a busy
year with more than 100 concerts in Denmark
and abroad.

For the past year, Diefenbach has given over 100 concerts, and about 80 of them have been abroad – the latest one in Bush Hall, London. Now the band stands ready to play at this year’s SPOT Festival, so the crowd can witness the interesting development the band has gone through in recent years – from a post-rock instrumental minimalist band to a sophisticated pop band with vocal harmonies with hints of Beach Boys among others.

As usual, the SPOT Festival is going to cover a wide range. Not just musically, but also geographically when it comes to presenting the new Nordic scene. The new line of acts can vouch for that:


 SPOT 2006

Swedish Nicolai Dunger – one of the
rarities of the Nordic countries – will
deliver soulful Americana to SPOT.

Take Norwegian Brut Boogaloo (with member from Thulsa Doom), who play unadulterated rock’n’roll. Or Icelandic Mugison (who usually performs as an emotionally divided one-man army, but will show up with a trio this time). Or Swedish Nicolai Dunger: One of the rarities in the Nordic countries who among others has worked with Mercury Rev and Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy – and that is where the Swede’s musical charisma is supported by the Americans and not the Swede borrowing American plumes for his soulful Americana.

Dunger’s compatriots and genre-colleagues of Loney Dear are set for the show, like their Danish peers in Davenport (who have made a recording with Dunger as the producer). Also joining the line-up, Icelandic Dicta, who span from introvert moods to grand emotional outbursts. Expect a Norwegian noise explosion from The Low Frequency In Stereo. Not to mention the expressive Swedish pianist/singer Frida Hyvönen, who is the first name released in the SPOT Festival’s big singer/songwriter sub-programme, which we can unveil very soon.

SPOT 2006

Frida Hyvönen – pianist and singersongwriter
of a different sort

Recently added names include the party-boosting musical chameleon The Broken Beats, who last played at SPOT four years ago (otherwise most of their career takes place on the road in Germany), Lampshade and the singer Rebekkamaria will use the festival as a warm-up for new, hopeful endeavours abroad, and Spektr is at large with noisy and original scores for films that have yet to be made – now full time since guitar player Manoj Ramdas has left The Raveonettes to put his resources into his old leisure project.