English Music Business Eyeing Dúné in the Wake of SPOT 2006

Dúné to play three concerts in London in October. 

On English music industry people’s request, the young electro rock band Dúné are to play a bunch of gigs in London on their autumn tour, which they have just embarked on.

Among the Dúné supporters is vice president of A&R Worldwide and radio host Sat Bisla, who has done his part to hype the band after seeing them on this year’s SPOT Festival.

Bisla, who took part in one of the seminars at SPOT 2006, expressed his enthusiasm for Dúné in a newsletter in June:

– Danish seven–piece teen outfit Dúné delivered a sensational performance at the Train venue in Aarhus and was one of the highlight performances at SPOT.

In London Dúné are going to perform at The Monto, whose glorious past includes gigs with Oasis and Primal Scream. But the focus on the band is not confined to the UK. Norway has also started showing interests in Dúné, who have been announced for the 2007 edition of by:Larm, which, like SPOT, is always looking for the musical trends of tomorrow.