Figurines Gained a Foothold

Figurines expect to play more gigs in Benelux next spring.

Three of the Danish bands who played showcases at “SPOT on Denmark” in Brussels on the 3rd of November are currently making significant career progress in Belgium, which has 10.5 million inhabitants.
For Figurines it was their first ever gig in the French/Flemish country, but the response from the audience and the Belgian music business was so enthusiastic that Jesper Majdall from Morningside Records is confident that the band’s third album “When the deer wore blue” will be released in Belgium in the spring.

Murder Brought home both Dutch and Belgian deals

Jacob Bellens and Anders Mathiasen at the Brussels venue Ancienne Belgique. Later on they were joined by a couple of musicians from the Antwerpen outfit Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (DAAU), with whom they plan to collaborate again at some point in the future.

The neo-folk duo Murder are also well on their way to establishing themselves in Belgium.
The venue Ancienne Belgique (AB) is eager to present the duo again as soon as possible. Only this time it will be in the “Main Hall” the biggest concert hall of the venue with a capacity of no less than 2,000 standing guests!
Singer Jacob Bellens and guitarist/singer Anders Mathiasen have just signed a distribution deal concerning their album “Stockholm Syndrome” with one of Belgium’s biggest indie distributors Bang and another deal with a Belgian booker from Gentle Management. And last Saturday they signed a contract with “the alternative” – the second biggest booking agency in the Netherlands with such acts as Coldplay in their catalogue.

Finally, there are concrete plans concerning the release of Stockholm Syndrome in France, according to the band’s managager, Jim Q. Holm from Merger Management.
The irresistible electronica darling Band Ane also bewitched the Belgians. “Several Belgian labels are keen on her album “Anish Music”, but no deals have been signed yet”, says Niels Böttcher, Jenka Music.