Fivefold Danish Launch at Big Berlin Trade Show

Fivefold Danish Launch at Big Berlin Trade Show

Kashmir – releasing their
new album prior to Popkomm.

Kashmir, Nephew, Carpark North, Diefenbach, and The Movement at Popkomm, Germany in September.

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It is definitely a significant offensive when on 15th September there is an all-Danish night at the prestigious Berlin club Postbahnhof with an audience capacity of 1,000. Well, it is also an impressive export line-up that will be sent to the showcase at the great international Popkomm trade show.

Nephew – sings in Danish and is in
heavy rotation in Germany.

From the large group of interested acts, Kashmir, Nephew, Carpark North, Diefenbach, and The Movement have been carefully selected. All five bands are strong live acts with great stage experience, and all five of them have already secured footholds at the German market – either on their own or via collaborators. Well, acknowledging the necessity for securing and improving such footholds – even when we are talking about so relatively big names as these, the ambition of the showcase is to further boost the five bands’ opportunities in Germany.

Carpark North – will have their new
album released in Germany.

Denmark’s Radio – DR, ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, and MXD are behind this event from selecting the bands to actually organising the showcase. Postbahnhof is a relatively new club on the Berlin scene, but it is a popular one, centrally located, and then it has two stages with capacities of 1,000 and 350 spectators respectively. Now the task for the three collaborators mentioned above and the managers of the five bands is to promote the event and attract the crucial industry and media people.

That the first steps have already been taken is underlined by the following little list of achievements: Carpark North’s ”Best Day” is in rotation on the radio station MotorFM in Berlin, and the band’s latest album is going to be released in Germany soon. Kashmir’s “Zitilites” was reasonably successful and received quite a bit of praise in Germany, and the band’s coming album “No Balance Palace” is also to be released south of the Danish border. Nephew’s “Movie Klip” is currently shown on MTV and is in rotation on 28(!) German radio stations. Diefenbach have already been touring in Germany, and the band with the British record contract would like to expand their German position. Finally, the new album from the ska-pop punks of The Movement is released at the German market right now. By the way, the album was recorded in… East Berlin.

Diefenbach – has been touring in
Germany before.

The Movement – recorded their latest cd
in East Berlin.