Geiger and ROSA

Geiger and ROSA
Henrik Friis

In December 2000 a new Danish music magazine was born, Geiger.

Geiger is an alternative music magazine. It is meant as a supplement to the established publications for the rock-pop genre, because, Geiger takes the editorial liberty to let the commercial angle take second place in regard to artistic and political approaches to the music arena.

ROSA supports this initiative. Not only because it fits well with our own targets, but also because we feel that Geiger will seriously uncover and explore those musical

Geiger vol. 2

niches, subjects and themes that would otherwise only be paid lip service by commercial publications.

Geiger is released 3-4 times a year, by a five-man strong editorial-team and additional writers.

ROSA has it’s own small section in each issue, where relevant musical and music-political questions will be discussed.

Geiger vol. 3

Geiger is distributed to various music-libraries, venues and to special record shops, throughout the country. It is also possible to subscribe to Geiger by mailing to – The magazine is free, however a small fee will be charged for P&P.