Gunnar was born in 1954 and, apart from performing himself, has done almost all there is to do within the music industry. For 12 years he was roadie, booker, chauffer and tour manager for TV-2 and Kliché. A steady stream of committee and management positions have come his way, since he, at the age of 16, enrolled in Haderslev Jazz Club: 

Aarhus Municipality’s Rock and Pop Committee (1979-82), Manager for Aarhus Music Office (1979-81), Co-founder of The Danish Music Offices and Transport Support (1980), Secretary for The Venues Union – Samspil (1984-90), Member of the directorate for The National Music Council since 1987, Co-founder and Director for Live music for Schools since 1994, Co-founder of The Annual Danish Music Book and MxP (Music Export initiative), Originator for The Mobile Practice Room and for The National Music Council’s first conference on Danish Music Internationally (1991), member of the committee behind LIPA (Liverpool Arts Institute), member of ScanBeat and Nordic Arranger Forum, and Director for the venue VoxHall in Århus since 1995 

Gunnar was also a member of “The Cigar Club” in connection to The Venues Law, as well as The National Music Council’s work-group for regional venues and select-committee for further-education. He has acted as consultant for Herning County Council and The municipality of Bornholm, in regard to the venues Fermaten and Bornholms Music House. Co-author of the books “The rules of the Game” and “How to build a Practice Room”. 

Gunnar co-founded ROSA in 1981, was director for ROSA from 1984-90 and has been Manager since 1991.