Gydde was born in Århus in 1965, and she grew up in Horsens. After completing her Business School exam and stay at an academy, she moved to Århus where she started volunteering at Fronthuset – currently called Gyngen/Musikcaféen. After that came a job in public relations at Byhøjskolen.

From 1990-1994, Gydde completed a bachelor degree in nutrition and health in Copenhagen and has moreover carried through a one-year DTP education, along with single courses in ‘Event Marketing’ and ‘Creative, Dynamic Project Management’ at the Music Management education.

For a number of years, Gydde has had a great fondness for electronic music and through her work as booker for Musikcafeen (1996-1998) she took part in establishing the electronic scene in Århus. Since then she has been in advertising as art director and in the theatres Opgang 2 and Katapult as coordinator and sales person respectively, before her return to the music.

Gydde has been employed by ROSA since August 2005.