Hans Henrik Albek saw the light of day in 1963 and grew up in Skjellerup close to Hobro. He took the straight path through the town school, Søbakkeskolen in Handest, Søndre Skole and the gymnasium in Hobro, before he enlisted in the University of Århus. On the way, he developed a great liking for singer/songwriter Neil Young, who is still the “shining star” in his
musical universe.

The university never truly became Hans Henrik’s cup of tea, so after having finished a couple of courses, he moved on. Next stop was the School of Journalism, 1993, during which he was a work experience trainee at Randers Amtsavis for 18 months.Then came various courses, re-education and, now, the work experience traineeship at ROSA where Hans Henrik leaves his mark on programmes, press releases, websites and much more.

In his spare time, Hans Henrik is committed to genealogy – he has traced his branch back to the 1600’s – and sports, especially soccer: The local anti-heroes in AGF and English Nottingham Forest especially tickle his fancy.