Henrik was born in 1957 and got stuck by the music bug during his time at St. Annae Gymnasium (Vocal School) in Copenhagen. 

After completing his education as a journalist in 1982, he was employed by the newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende, where from 1984-2000 he was music-journalist/reviewer, with built-in “breaks” with the papers business and international departments. 

In 2000 Henrik was Press-officer for The Muscular Dystrophy Fund’s ‘Åh Abe’ festival (children) and ‘The Green Concert’ (adult) Tours. 

He has produced educational material for the MS Organiszation, Live Music for Schools and World.dk on Somali music and social conditions. 

He has also undertaken study/reporter trips to England and diverse African and Asian countries. 

In addition responsible for the editing of the 2002-05 Aarhus International Jazz Festival programme – including live coverage of the festival onwww.jazzfest.dk. Contributer to the World’s Rock-dictionary (2004) and the Swedish Bonnier’s Rock Encyclopaedia (2005). Was the instigator at the SPOT Festival in 2007 to Co-phase out, the first course for Nordic music journalists at the Nordic Centre of Journalism. The course was repeated in 2008.

Has since 2004 been reviewer for the music magazine Gaffa. 

Henrik has been employed at ROSA since 2001 and works with PR and Press for ROSA as well as for The SPOT Festival and MXD – Music Export Denmark.