Henrik was born in Esbjerg in 1966. With both of his parents being classical musicians, it was in the cards that Henrik would become a classical musician too – and taking cello lessons, he seemed well on his way when as a fifteen-year-old lad, he was intoxicated by rock music, and this intoxication has stayed in his body ever since. In 1987 he attended the folk high school of North Schleswig (in the little town of Toftlund), a time which encouraged his ambitions as a musician.

The same year Henrik moved to Copenhagen to study musicology at the University of Copenhagen, from where he graduated as a Master of Arts in 1996. Little by little and concurrently with his studies he founded his career as a musician – first in cover bands, then as the bass guitarist in Peter Smith’s band and in the group Return of Andy (album in 1992), before Henrik began collaborating with Martin Hall, and here he also took up the cello again. In 1995 Henrik was one of the three founders of ibens, and subsequently he has worked with numerous well-known artist and bands including Majbritte Ulrikkeholm, C.V. Jørgensen, D-A-D, Rasmus Nøhr and Peter Sommer. From 1998 to 2002 he was a member of Marie Frank’s band, with whom he has recorded, toured, composed and arranged.

Henrik is still an active musician, but since 2001 he has added a number of titles to his curriculum vitae: debater, lecturer, interviewer (for instance at the SPOT festivals), and author. As an author he has so far published six books on a rather broad selection of music-related topics – “Filtreringer” (’01), “Alt hvad musikken kan” (’02), “Hitskabelonen (’03), “Benny Andersen – Et liv ved klaveret” (’04), “Borger i smilets land – Benny Andersen og danskheden”, and “Nielsen– Bliv klogere på livet med Carl Nielsen” – the latter written in collaboration with his mother Inge Marstal. In addition he was among the editors of the songbook “Den Nye Sangskat” (2005), a collection of Danish songs from 1965 and onwards. Furthermore, he is a member of the Art Council’s music committee and a member of the Minister of Culture’s music canon committee.

Henrik joined ROSA’s board in 2005.