International acclaim for The Psyke Project

The Psyke Project was formed in 2001 and have recently released their fourth album “Dead Storm” – they have already received great reviews from various heavy metal critics. Two metal magazines Kerrang and Metalhammer have reviewed the new album and Kerrang’s David McLaughlin wrote:

”Dead Storm takes you on a front row audio sensory thrill ride, evoking Scandinavian landscape, weather and culture in all its extremities.” -before finishing of giving the band four out of a five star rating.

The British version of Metalhammer, rewards The Psyke Project with eight out of a ten star rating, and goes further to compare the band with the American equivalent Neurosis:

”In fact we’re going to be bold and claim that Neurosis themselves haven’t sounded this precariously balanced on a psycho-emotional tripwire for years.”