International contract for Teitur Lassen

International contract for Teitur Lassen

So far, two CDs will be released in USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, England, Scandinavia, Germany and France and several other countries. In addition to this, Universal has option to further three releases, if Teitur’s music – which in singing and guitarplay is compared to both Sting and Paul Simon – becomes the success, the company is hoping for.

The deal is so much more sensational, because Teitur hasn’t yet had his first CD released. True enough, he has a couple songs on the American TV-show ”Jack and Jill”, but except from two tracks on the promotion-CD ”Songwriters Spot” and one on ”SPOT 08”, nothing of the singer-songwriter’s English material is on the street. The two CDs mentioned have both been released by ROSA, The Danish Rock Council, in 2000 and 2002 respectively.

When asked, Teitur himself is not in doubt about the reason for his success:

”It all really started in 1999, at ROSA’s SPOT 6.0 Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, where I first met my English manager Christian Ulf-Hansen and also the American songwriter Jeff Cohen, who eventually invited me to USA. Furthermore, ROSA has financially supported many of my trips to showcases and co-writings in both USA and in England – so it is not understated to say, that ROSA has played a very important role in the recent results”, says Teitur.

The actual record deal with Universal Records became a reality within no time. 1st June, Teitur and his manager went to USA to get a deal. This normally takes a long time, but as three competing companies were out to get the signature of the young Faroese, Universal speeded up and made the contract.

Teitur has already begun his work recording his debut CD. First in Los Angeles – and these days in Cortijo near Malaga in Spain. Producer is English Rupert Hine, who has worked with everybody from Tina Turner to Suzanne Vega and Les Negresses Vertes, while the musicians are called upon when needed. Teitur estimates the release date to be somewhere in the first quarter of the new year.