International Silver Awards for Gogo Records and Auditorium

Helen Smith, head of the Impala Secretariat, presents a Silver Award to Emil Jørgensen of Gogo Records and former Swan Lee drummer

At the SPOT on Denmark event in Brussels on November 3, two Danish record companies – Auditorium and Gogo Records each received a so-called Impala Silver Award for albums which have sold more than 30,000 copies in Europe
The albums which have won the companies these awards are the Danish Leonard Cohen tribute “På Danske Læber” and Swan Lee’s eponymous second album.
Impala is the European association of indie record companies. The Impala Awards are unique because they include sales all over Europe. Many indie labels never even get near awards in their home countries, because these awards are normally based on national sales figures only. Before Impala was founded, artists had to sell at least one million copies to receive European recognition and sales awards.
Impala represents more than 3,500 independent record companies and their national organisations from all over Europe – including DUP (The Danish Independent Record Companies).

Cohen and Farewell Album

Mads Sørensen from Auditorium receives a Silver Award for the Cohen tribute “På Danske Læber”

On the 2005 album “På Danske Læber”, a number of Denmark’s finest singers and musicians interpret Leonard Cohen’s songs with the lyrics translated into Danish by Anders Dohn and by some of the artists themselves. It seems reasonable to assume that most of the copies have been sold in Denmark.
Swan Lee’s eponymous second album turned out to be the band’s last studio album. It was released through Gogo Records in Denmark, and furthermore, it was released in Germany and the Benelux countries through V2. The sales easily exceed 30,000 copies without, however, quite reaching the 100,000 copies mark, which would have won the album an Impala Gold Award.
Incidentally, for Sworn Swan Lee fans, a final release has just hit the record stores – “The Complete Collection – 1997-2005”, which includes the band’s two studio albums, remixes, cover versions, and a DVD with hand-picked live performances.

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