It began with SPOT… Spanish magazine focuses on Danish music and culture with a 86 page long spread

Zona de Obras with extended focus
on Danish music and culture.

In its October issue, Spanish magazine Zona de Obras has chosen to focus heavily on Danish music and culture, with both a “SPOT on Denmark” CD and a dossier about Danish culture.The October issue is the biggest in the magazines history.

The Spanish interest in Danish music was ignited four years ago, when Zona de Obras accepted an invitation to the SPOT Festival.

-”Denmark is an amazing country”, those are words we’ve chosen to present ”¿Qué pasa en Dinamarca?”, the extensive dossier we’ve just published in the latest edition of our magazine Zona de Obras”, magazine editor Ruben Scaramuzzino and graphic designer Daniela Rossi says.

“Amazing, among other things, because of its cultural offer. We had that feeling for the very first time four years ago, when we were invited to the SPOT Festival. This event, which we’ve been covering for the last four years, was the best way to approach Denmark, and ”the one to blame” in awaking our curiosity and energy to do the intensive research. We are delighted with the results. We can proudly say today that we know what is going on in Denmark. And we are very confident that the opportunity we had telling our readers about this was worth it, Ruben Scaramuzzino and  Daniela Rossi says.

Work on the issue began a year ago, where both Ruben Scaramuzzino and Daniela Rossi visited Denmark and contacted several branches of Danish culture- because of the meetings there were able to find Danish writers, who assisted in  creating the Danish dossier.

Zona de Obras on Danish
festivals. (Click here for large

Musically, both ROSA and music magazine Gaffa have help to create the presentations of Danish music history and the hottest names in Danish music right now. The enclosed CD is produced by ROSA and SPOT festival in collaboration with MXD.

Zona de Obras’ focus on Denmark is a ongoing process, which will continue in future issues where it is the magazines intention to update its readers on Danish music and culture. A Nordic Festival is also in the planning.

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