Jesper was born in 1974 and music has actually been a big part of his life since his childhood years when his first instrument – the recorder sparked the fire. As the years went by the recorder was followed by the piano and the guitar while he also attended his primary and lower secondary school and later his grammar school.  

Gradually the bass guitar and singing became Jesper’s favourite means of musical expression, and he played in various Aarhus bands until he moved to Copenhagen in 2000 – determined to really do something about his music career. He also enlisted at the University of Copenhagen to study communication and social science, and by now he only needs to finish his final dissertation to get his degree. While it turned out that it was harder to establish the right musical network than expected, he became more and more involved in the organisational work in the musical life.

Jesper played in a couple of rock bands and also managed to get together a small jazz ensemble, but it was the rather “loose” organisation of the practice rooms in a local practice room association, which made him enter that business. Over the years his energy and newly discovered skills in this field of work have made him chairman of the board in two of the practice room organisations of Copenhagen, most recently Refshalen– a big group of buildings with numerous practice rooms. At the same Jesper has served as deputy chairman of ORA (The Danish Organisation of Amateur Musicians in Popular Music), since the organisation was founded in 2006. It is to represent ORA that Jesper has joined ROSA’s board in 2007.   
In his spare time Jesper sees to it that he doesn’t lose his musical touch completely (he would like to have more time to play though). Furthermore, he loves hiking.