Jesper Nordahl

Jesper was born in 1962 and is a qualified buildings constructor, has worked for a number of years for FL Schmidt, but culture has always appealed to him. Not only as an amateur keyboard player, but also the organisation side of the industry.

From 1986 to’90 he was responsible for decorating Roskilde Festival, where he sat on Roskilde Foundations Board of Directors 1988-90. Has worked as Booker for The Café Mulle & Rudi in Roskilde and has completed a 1½ year education as Cultural Dynamo at Svendborg College.

From 1991 to ’94 he was Project Manager for The Nut Cracker College in Copenhagen. He was Manager of Amager Cinema, then manager of an employment project, Amager Culture Shop in 1994, and manager of Amager Kulturpunkt the year after.

Since 1996 Jesper has been on Samspils Board, where he became Vice-chairman in 2001 and thereby gained a seat on ROSA’s board of directors.

When he has the time, Jesper likes to play golf.