Jesper was born in Århus in 1957 and he grew up in Risskov. After attending Risskov Amtsgymnasium and one year of math and physics at the University of Århus, Jesper applied at Aarhus Technical Academy – and in 1981 he could add ‘electronics engineer’ to his CV.

However, the amount of permanent employment was scanty, so instead he joined Fajabefa as a volunteer – not least due to his broad interest in music. The music scene of Aarhus also became Jesper’s work place when in 1988 he was employed at Husets Musikteater – currently named Voxhall – mainly as a technician, but the administration also benefited from efforts up to 1999. 

Since then he has been repairing electric instruments and been preoccupied with Linux. The latter is proving useful for ROSA at the moment, and Jesper’s background makes him an obvious choice when power and the many cables of large concerts are to be managed. 

Jesper began working at ROSA in January 2005 in IT and technics – and became permanently 
employed September 1 2005.