Jon Hededal

Jon was born in 1980 and grew up in a small village called Asferg north of Randers, where he also attended primary school

Jon has a healthy interest for music – especially rock n’ roll and is a devoted Guns N’ Roses fan – the band which he also blames his career as a drummer for.

He graduated from Randers State School in 2000. His time here opened his ears and eyes to other musical genres, because he played in the schools jazz group.

After finishing secondary school Jon took a job as a factory worker for a year. This year convinced him, that he needed to get himself a higher education.

Jon studied at the Danish Journalist High School in 2002, but quickly found out, that he should pursue a different course and started to study Literature History at Aarhus University in 2003. Where he finished is education in 2008 with a candidate in Multimedia.

Besides work Jon has for many years played drums in his own band – Pailin.

Jon has been working as part of the Press & PR group since April 2009