Kira & The Kindred Spirits to Showcases in New York and Los Angeles

Kira & The Kindred Spirits to Showcases in New York and Los Angeles

In September Kira & The Kindred Spirits open chapter 2 in their attempts of an American breakthrough with a total of four showcases/ concerts in New York and Los Angeles respectively.

On September 11th (of all days!!) the quintet goes to New York, and from then on a busy schedule awaits the band – official gigs at the clubs Mercury Lounge in The Big Apple and at the Viper Room in L.A. In both cities there will be arranged private showcases in show studios aimed directly at record company people, bookers etc. The schedule and the arrangements have been knitted together by the band’s manager, Mads Sørensen from Mannhandle and the band’s American lawyer, and ROSA is supporting the initiative financially.

– I see the trip to the US as a continuation of our history, says Kira Skov with reference to last summer’s show-case offensive over there, where the band was about to get a contract with American Epic, when internal complications arose with the firing of the Epic A&R boss who wanted to sign Kira & co. Since then this connection has been on a “promising” stand-by – for example the fired Epic boss wanted to bring the band with him to his new company. However, as nothing tangible has happened during the last year, the band makes another attempt on its own again.

– Hopefully a lot of record company people are going to turn up for the showcases, and then it is up to us to convince them, Kira says. Her optimism about their coming campaign is rooted in the indefatigable preparations done by the band’s manager. Mads Sørensen has already had productive meetings with various record companies, during which he has presented samples of the bands new material.

The time until the US-tour will be spent on adding the final touches to the band’s second album, which by the way is produced by Tore Johansen, who was in the engine room when the first The Cardigans records and the Franz Ferdinand album saw the light of day. The album is to be released in Denmark in October on Copenhagen Records.