Lene was born in 1958, and, following a career with such diverse titles as canteen employee, cleaner and can maker, she incidentally entered the world of music in 1987, when she was hired by Rytmeposten in Odense – since then she hasn’t left that world.

The same year she was also appointed manager of Odense Rytmecenter (Fajabefa) and from 1988 she has, moreover, worked in the Midtfynsfestival press center, as well as taking on the role of accountant in several music unions. 

In 1995 her family moved from Funen to Århus and from 1997 has been secretary/odd-jobber for Samspil/spillesteder.dk at the union’s head office in Århus where her jobs comprised member service and coordination of courses. 

Along with the current part-time job for spillesteder.dk, Lene was employed as accounts assistent by ROSA in 2002.