Lisa was born in 1984 in Flensburg, and, apart from her early childhood in Lundtofte, she has been living in Northern Germany close to the boarder.

For as long as she can remember, Lisa has had an interest in music, and even though she never rehearsed her flute and clarinet to extremes, her interest has increased gradually – it especially caught on when Lisa attended the Duborg School in Flensburg in 1996, cramming music theory and gaining interest in how the music area fits together in general. 

She has been a trainee – and has later on volunteered in a recording studio in Hamburg, she’s worked for the PA-firm Neumann & Müller in Hamburg, and through that she took part in carrying through the festival Rockspektakel in central Hamburg. She has worked as a road manager for Danish bands in Germany (e.g. The Blue Van), she assists at the Danish management agency Sidekick Impresario (Figurines, Under Byen et al.)

Lisa came in contact with ROSA through the South Slesvig Rocks Festival where she was in the steering group for 4 years. Since October 2004, she has been in charge of the coordination and carrying through of the Skand-All project and taken part in the work in connection to the SPOT Festival.