Marcus Winther-John

Marcus was born in 1971 in Amersham, England, but first started his music career when he moved to Denmark at the age of 12.

His passion for music was born out of his parents stack of Beatles records, and when his family moved to Herning, Jutland in 1992 Marcus, with his guitar and vocals became a member of the gang that later became ‘Inside The Whale’.

After 5 CD’s the band split up, and besides a coming solo project, Marcus now writes song for others, e.g. Tim Christensen and Ester Brohus.

For Marcus, The road to ROSA started in 1994, when Inside The Whale received Tour-support and were later presented at music messes etc. He was incorporated into the artistic committee in 1999 and a year later, became a Individual Member Of ROSA’s Board of Directors.

Marcus has completed the first year of Law School, but it’s doubtful he will finish, as he is so busy with the music…