Martin was born in 1972 in Tisvilde. He took his GCEs in Birkerød and subsequently he attended Ask Folk High School before he embarked on his postgraduate studies and became an MA in rhetoric with a particular focus on textual analysis, aesthetics, and political argumentation.  

Over the years his love of music has been fuelled by first David Bowie, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – and subsequently by “the rare but blessed occasions when lyrics and music form a synthesis”. In his years as a University student, Martin was an active listener, a songwriter, a poet and guitarist in various constellations.
In January 2004 he started out as the editor of the website and since then he has become the daily leader of the site, which each year reviews and coaches 300 bands all of whom have yet to get a breakthrough. also allocates grants and covers most of the major Danish festivals including the SPOT Festival in collaboration with ROSA since 2004.

As a reporter for MXD Martin has also been a delegate at SXSW, Popkomm, Midem, Eurosonic, etc. writing articles on the Danish efforts as well as reporting from seminars on the current development of the music industry.

He is a on the board of “Dansk Tonekunstner Forening”, and has been in various culture-political task groups.  

Fishing is a favourite hobby of Martin’s when his recently acquired status as a father leaves time for it.