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Mette Soele Mathiesen

Mette was born in 1962 and graduated in 1983 from a back then rather progressive upper secondary school in Frederiksberg (a part of Copenhagen). In 1996 she finished her education as a music teacher.

Ever since Mette stole her big sister’s guitar, she has been a musician, and during her time at folk high schools in Vester Vedsted and Vestbirk she played the drums, the guitar, the bass, the keyboards – she even played the sax in a big band.

She fearlessly took up all genres and styles – from jazz to heavy rock. Her musical home, however,  she found in Clinic Q – the precursor for Miss B. Haven, who not only became a big hit in Denmark, they also got themselves an international record deal, worked with star producers, etc.. Mette was the drummer of this band. 

Simultaneously and after the band’s dissolution Mette hurled herself upon song writing  (among her songs is the 1995 Eurovision entry “Fra Mols til Skagen” which she wrote in collaboration with her Miss B. Haven colleague Lise Cabble). She played the drums on Jeff Lynne’s 90s-CD “Armchair Theatre”, and she has also recorded and toured with several Norwegian bands. She is currently working on a solo album with the working title “Lemon Kiss”.

One and a half years ago Mette expanded her work in the music world to the organisational level as well when she was elected to the board of DJBFA (The Danish Society for Jazz, Rock and Folk Composers). Rock music still makes Mette happy although she occasionally describes it as an “ugly business which is all about cool cash and with little concern for rock as an art form”.