Morten was born in 1975 at Fødselsstiften in Århus. He attended school in Hasle and later Århus Statsgymnasium where he had just finished his final semester before signing a record contract as bass player in the rock band Ruby Fruit Jungle. The band made two albums before splitting up.

From 1997 Morten continued his music career in Emotions, which in time changed its name to Girl in the Moon. The sample-favouring rock band managed to release two albums and play a host of concerts, a great deal of which took place in Germany.

During that time, Morten was also in the Multimedia education and, after the break-up of Girl in the Moon, he was playing with Marcus Winther-John, Michelle Birkballe, and, not least, the garage rock band The Defectors, which he joined in the beginning of 2004.   

In 2005, he is going to turn the bass down a bit: As of January 31, he will begin the Music Management Education at the Music Academy and, from January 3, he has been volunteering at ROSA. In the hobby department, Morten has a weakness for Rubik’s Cubes: He can
crack one in 25 seconds!