Ole was born in 1961 in Copenhagen suburb Glostrup. His interest in music did not come from his parents, rather it originated in the punk movement, and in the seventies without bothering to get some musical training first, he hurled himself upon the bass guitar in bands such as Hubert’s badehotel  and Gate Crashers.

Subsequently, he released singles with various (punk) bands from the suburbs west of Copenhagen through his own label Hub Records including Kalashnikov.While Ole’s career as a musician slowed down during the eighties, he made serious progress in other ways in the music world. In 1985 He was hired by SAM Records, which had such acts as Martin Hall, Die Kapelle, and How Do I under its wings.

The following year he became manager of Sharing Patrol, and in 1987 he moved on to the record company It’s Magic with bands like Jane’s Rejoice and Miss B. Haven. Ole was the one who secured the latter’s international contract with Warner.In 1990 Ole moved on once again, this time to the booking agency PDH and worked as the manager of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Ibens, Ball, and Tim Christensen in the early years of his solo career.

With his liking for multiple jobs he created the venue Rust – also in 1990 – together with six others. A professional connection he kept until 2004 in spite of changing his day job to senior creative manager at EMI Publishing, where he among other tasks works to get the songs of various Danish solo artists and bands released abroad. When he can find the time, Ole enjoys his leisure activities – diving and his house and garden.

Ole was elected to ROSA’s board in 2005.