Outlandish, Powersolo, Norwegian Serena-Maneesh and Swedish Jenny Wilson among first SPOT names to be released

Foto: Jan Grarup

Outlandish – are playing at SPOT Festival
2006 (Photo: Jan Grarup)

Outlandish is on board when the 12th round of SPOT Festival sets sail in the beginning of June. In Denmark, the three guys from Brøndby are very successful with their third album ”Closer Than Veins”, and, during spring, the new album is to further the success the last one achieved internationally – especially in Germany where the single ”Aicha” topped the charts and went gold with some 400.000 albums sold. Now, the band is going for a nearly 100 % ‘handplayed’ stage act with 10-12 performers to secure the genuine live feel.

SPOT also presents other Danish bands that are known abroad and are well on their way with new material: That goes for the maniacs from Powersolo, who, in spring, will tour both England and France (the second home of the band). It applies to Saybia who focus on crossing boarders when their new album is ready later this year.


Norwegian Serena-Maneesh – also a SPOT act

However, also on board, are new names like Cause Sui from Odense. If the name doesn’t ring a bell on the domestic front, England is already tuned in on what the band stands for. The recognized MOJO Magazine predicted in its January edtion that: ”The sound of 1971-psychedelic feel will come to dominate 2006 – with names like Dungen, Cornets on Fire and ”Danish krautnoise foursome” Causa Sui. Watch Out!”

As usual, SPOT looks around for relevant acts in the Nordic countries, and here Norwegian Serena-Maneesh and Swedish Jenny Wilson are great examples of intense experiences.
With dreamy and poplike noise-rock, Serena-Maneesh already has a great deal of international attention both in the US and Europe. Jenny Wilson, one of the Wilson sisters in First Floor Power, recently released her solo album ”Love And Youth”, already voted by Kim Skotte from Danish newspaper Politiken as one of the best pop albums of the year.

Swedish Jenny Wilson – one of the
SPOT names this summer

In addition, the following bands are now official: Camille Jones, Campsite (upcoming debut album), Columbian Neckties, Death to Frank Ziyanak, Doi, epo-555 (upcoming album), Sofus Forsberg, F.U.K.T., Jomi Massage, Junkyard Productions, Larsen & Furious Jane, Lucie Baines, The Magic Bullet Theory, Heidi Mortenson, Rasmus Møbius, Next Life (N), Nomadix, Oh No Ono (winner of the P3 Guld ”Experiment Award), Pellarin & Lenler, Per Vers, Karsten Pflum, Pluto (upcoming album), Slow Train, Sterling, Track 72 and Yellowish (upcoming album – mixed by Nephew producer Carsten Heller).

Additional names will soon be added to the long list, which, among other things, is compiled from the 731 suggestions that the SPOT Festival received before the deadline in January. In total, the Festival programme is expected to reach 90-100 names that will appear on 10 stages.

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