Peter Smith

Peter was born in 1964, “a year of especially good Beatles tracks”, as he says about the band that has been one of his greater sources of inspiration.

He completed three years of music studies at The University of Copenhagen, but is otherwise a self-taught singer-songwriter. He has produced 3 CD’s ‘Kærlighedens Disiplin’ (Loves Discipline)(1991), ‘Together’ (1995) and ‘Elastic’ (1998). The last two were recorded in London and Memphis respectively. Especially the contacts he made through his second CD are still proving fruitful, as he co-operates with British songwriters, in tandem to his continuing solo career.

Peter also teaches song writing at several colleges and the music academy in Silkeborg, Jutland.

Peter joined DJBFA’s board in 1996 and ROSA’s in 2000.