Praise from British critics and a famous manager for Mew

Praise from British critics and a famous manager for Mew

Mew’s English debut single “Am I Wry? No” already has led to nice reviews, and the band has engaged the legendary record-boss Alan McGee (known as the man behind Oasis, Primal Scream and others) as their new manager.

Well-renowned music magazine New Musical Express has a warm welcome for Mew’s English debut single. Among other things, the magazine writes: “…an enchanting track with much strength in the melodious depth…” and “…as a sealed room of blue-eyed innocence and bitter knowledge is it also an outstanding debut, including more catchy qualities and promises than most average bands display on their second full-length album”. Also newspaper The Guardian and weekly magazine Time Out have presented this single with praise.

The single was released 23rd September as an appetizer for Mew’s international CD-debut, after the contract signed with Epic/Sony’s international office in London. The band has already started their all-over-England tour (from mid-September to late in October) supporting Martin Grech.

Mew’s single-cover

– It’s going to be a really tough tour playing in small clubs – an underground-tour, where we will have to fight for it, says singer and guitarist Jonas Bjerre at the quartet’s appartment in Islington, London.

After several year’s of frustration over the Danish record industry, Mew released two CDs with their own Danish label, Evil Office. After their concert at the SPOT 07 Festival in Aarhus, December 2002, the band was discovered by Epic/Sony. In fact, Epic/Sony snatched away Mew right under the nose of an American rival, who also spotted out the group at the very same festival.

Mew’s international debut CD will be released in the beginning of 2003. A couple of songs are still to be recorded, and half of the tracks will be new material, while the other half will consist of new versions of songs from the two Danish CDs, says Jonas Bjerre.

Other positive news for the band is a recently signed manager deal – a contract with legendary Alan McGee. He is well known for creating and managing the indie-company Creation Records, which during 16 years, until its closing down in 1999, had contracts with bands like Oasis, Primal Scream, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Boo Radleys, Super Furry Animals, The Teenage Fanclub and many more.

– Alan McGee will mean much to us. He is highly regarded as a manager and has a lot of contacts – also in USA, as Jonas Bjerre puts it.

– Our contract with him was a fact, when one of his friends played our 4 track album-sampler to him. He rang up the director of Sony and contacted us – a simple explanation of the scoop from leading figure in Mew.