Put Your Hands Up for Ida Corr


When Ida Corr enters the stage on Friday night at this year’s SPOT Festival, a new single from her hands will have seen the light of day only a few hours prior to her SPOT gig. The single is a remix of “Let Me Think About It” from Corr’s album “Robosoul” and the man behind the remix is none other than Dutch Fedde Le Grand

His dance floor sensation “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” has been in obscene rotation in clubs worldwide and in general he has enjoyed tremendous success with his remixes of virtually everyone from Camille Jones to Robbie Williams.

The remix of “Let Me Think About It” is already out in the Netherlands and will soon be released in the UK through the legendary Ministry of Sounds’ label. As a continuation of their collaboration, both Corr and Camille Jones have been invited to appear on Fedde Le Grand’s next album.