Raveonettes surprise the worldpress with new album

With their fourth album “In and Out of Control” The Raveonettes surprise the international reviewers, who in general describe the album as more “Out of Control” than “In” – when the sweet pop-music sound is put in perspective by the cold and cynical lyrics.

“A cherry cyanide lollipop from the master and mistress of the art”, say Simon Price of the English The Independent.

“Control’s(“In and out of Control red.) unsettling sense of humor helps catagorize The Raveonettes as a weather-tested act, which has the good sense to play with the motifs and textures they used to take all too seriously.”- says Pitchfork’s reviewer Zach Kelly.

The English Spin magazine says about the album “Chilly, disturbing lyrics emerge from a dense fog of blissful Spector harmonies and squalling Jesus and Mary Chain surf and strings”.

In general The Raveonettes receive a grade over the average.