2003 – The MXP-initiative 2003 – The MXP-initiative

ROSA – The Danish Rock Council proudly presents “ – Music From Denmark 2003”. In keeping with previous “” releases, this promotion CD takes the pulse of the Danish music scene RIGHT NOW. The CD includes acts that are already a succes on the national and international markets, as well as artists breaking ground this very moment, who could easily become tomorrows talkabouts.

“ – Music From denmark 2003” is sent to a number of international contacts in the music business, and it will be handed out at music seminars and branch festivals such as Eurosonic (Grooningen, Netherlands), MIDEM (Cannes, France), by:Larm (Norway), South By SouthWest (Austin, Texas, USA) and POPKomm (Cologne, Germany).

“” is also part of the annual The MXP-initiative-initiative and the cd-box “Music From Denmark”. “Music From Denmark” is produced by The MXP-initiative – danish music export & promotion, a music promotion effort intended to benefit Danish musicians and composers internationally.

The CD-box is released for and first presented at the annual international [MIDEM] convention in Cannes and subsequently distributed to industry professionals around the world including radio programmers, music journalists, publishers, A&R people, record companies, managers, festivals, venues and at international music industry conventions, seminars etc.

As usual “ 203” is produced in agreement with the artists record companies.

Below you’ll find a brief presentation of the acts included. For further information please use the web-sites connected to the presentation – or feel free to contact ROSA at

CD 1:

Ester Brohus
The premier name in Danish country music, an artist who intimates personal expression on her latest CDs. While the predecessor and the triple Danish Music Award winner Poor Pretty Little Me had a more introverted tone, Come to Me brightens, shares emotion — and even plays well at a party.

Barcode’s label is called Hardcore, and that describes the music to a tee. Metal with an edge, effective, full of finesse – but no mercy. The domestic market is too small for Barcode’s genre; that’s why the band often tours south of the border with great impact, especially on the German market.

The Broken Beats
A motley band of musicians/actors who disrespectfully-respectfully wrestle with international rock history’s originals, clichés, highlights and pitfalls to end up in a universe of their own. Music for the ears and eyes, and already sniffed out by a German label. Release expected in 2003.

Carpark North
During 2002 Carpark North has worked its way into a position as one of the Danish bands with the greatest international potential. The trio’s self-financed, debut EP sold well and now EMI-Medley will take this successful blend of intelligent rock and electronica to the next level.

Tim Christensen
Tim Christensen was a headliner at the traditional Grøn Koncert 2002 tour, appearing before 200,000 fans. While ’02 was a holding-pattern-year for recording, the former Dizzy Mizz Lizzy frontman reached the top of the hitlists with “Right Next to the Right One,” the theme from the Danish TV series Nikolaj & Julie.

The Defectors
A prototype garage band with a taste for pointy shoes, checked jackets, slicked-back hair, sunglasses and loads of sweaty give-it-all-you-got. Successful concerts in 2002, in Italy and Germany (Popkomm in Cologne, Skand-all in Hamburg). No puttering along here – it’s full speed ahead.

Danish rock’s femme fatale. As a soloist for the past decade, she’s reached inside and created her own direction with a brand of rock that both piques and soothes. After a number of years with a multi-national label, Dicte has now chosen her own route. The industry might have its woes, but that hasn’t stopped Dicte.

Funkstar De Luxe
“The King of Remixes” hit the million mark in 2000 with a re-working of Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining,” and has since got offers to remix for Ricky Martin, Grace Jones, Boy George and others. Funkstar has once again exploded onto the scene to conquer international dance floors with his development of Manfred Mann’s version of a Springsteen original. It’s party time, folks.

Susi Hyldgaard
Labeled as a jazz musician, but in truth Susi Hyldgaard is really a sparkling mix of all her sources of inspiration, from rock to classical. To illustrate, the German Rolling Stone compared her to Björk. A strong personality who’s taking aim at the European market with her new CD.

Jomi Massage
Signe Højrup Wille-Jørgensen is known inside and outside Danish borders for her work with Speaker Bite Me. But this trio project reflects her own unique form of expression, from luscious soft passages to punky detonation. Music based on the spirit of experiment – with emotions constantly at the leading edge.

Junior Senior
The irresistible “Move Your Feet” excited Fatboy Slim so much he wanted to buy the track. But Junior Senior considered themselves more of an album band and not a one-hit wonder, so the group’s debut album was licensed to Universal with the European market as a target. A lot of territories have already taken the bait.

C.V. Jørgensen
The grand old man of Danish rock, someone every single Dane listens to when he finally releases something new, as he did here after an eight-year silence. Through the years he has drifted from rock toward a more melodic ambience, but without sacrificing a beat of rhythmic pulse. The lyrics are Danish, but the tone is so unique and special the appeal transcends borders, language and cultural barriers.

Kick the Kangaroo
Kick the Kangaroo is first and foremost known as an energetic, no-nonsense live act. The band has done everything possible to capture this atmosphere in its second CD Bits & Pieces. The group’s melodic rock has already made its mark ‘Down Under’ with a number-one placing on the Australian airplay chart.

Kira & the Kindred Spirits
Kira Skov has five years’ experience– and a bunch of broken dreams in Los Angeles and London — as a foundation for the breakthrough she and her band have made in the past half year. Kira’s powerful confident voice, the dark tones, and a devil-may-care vitality are the simple, yet effective, vehicles.

Klondyke’s debut album Guld (Gold), featuring short melancholic ballads of lyrical intricacy opened the ears of critics who called the set the most important Danish-language release in years. Refined pop with elements of dusty country music and singer-songwriting characteristics.

A group with a knack for pop in a sense where indie-pop meets electronic programming and Burt Bacharach – with inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The band was founded by former Greene member Flemming Borby and made its CD debut with Goodbye Susanne in 2002.

Lyrical transparent guitar patterns, complex crescendos, explosive noise – with Rebekkamaria’s totally original vocal style up front. Lampshade has opened the eyes and ears of domestic and international music people. A band in dynamic development with great potential.

CD 2:

Love Julie
Julie Michelsen’s breakthrough might be due to a family gene. Her older brother and sister are each well-established names on the Danish scene. Julie’s music mix, however, is something new – surf, rock, Americana and modern electronica – and unlike her siblings it’s in English with an international appeal.

“Peculiar sounds, impossible melodies and heavenly voices,” is how Luke describes their music, which blends pop, ambient, electro and rock without prejudice. Nikolaj Grandjean writes the music, Tanja Thulau lends her personal vocal talents, while the rest is provided by some of the veteran powers of the Danish music scene.

Mew was discovered by Sony/Epic’s international department at the Danish SPOT Festival 2000. The group’s debut single on the English market won loads of praise after its release in autumn 2002. The legendary Alan McGee (formerly Creation Records) fell for the melancholic intense rock and became the band’s manager.

Moon Gringo
Founded in 1998 and at the vanguard of the so-called “new Danish rock wave” with the album Boy Girl Beat, the band has also played support jobs for Suede at home and abroad. Nordic sound, lush tones and a lyrical universe filled with fetching tales.

Aïda Nadeem
Aïda is a refugee from Iraq and educated as a classical bassoonist. She appears here as a vocalist, where she blends ambient, techno and Arab music in a mix she calls “Arabtronic.” New electronica, old Arab instruments – West meets the mysterious East.

Natural Born Hippies
The Hippies have already scored a major international hit – especially on the German market – by re-writing The Kinks’ “Lola.” Now the constantly hard-working band has followed up the success with the single “In Your Dreams,” and a new album — and lots of sweat on the tour trail.

Jangling pop rooted in lo-fi and the indie-pop tradition. The lyrics are Danish, but the music and style of expression are such that vocals function as an instrument, spice and supplement to the sound as a whole. Melancholic flow with a streamlined drive. Subdued and full of atmosphere.

Puddu Varano
With the release of its third album Time to Grow the Danish-Italian duo demonstrated it’s versatility. Insistent electronic impulses to highly-dynamic grooves, along with softer hand-played progressions. The style is jazzier, with more nuance than before, but still delivered with vitality and stacks of good vibes.

The Raveonettes
The band was created in the spring 2002, but reaped rewards from the very start. First Rolling Stone’s David Fricke was taken by the band at the Danish SPOT festival in May and later he repeated his praise after a New York showcase in July. The record companies lined up. Columbia ran off with the prize. Fine garage rock with a link to the ‘80s.

Safri Duo with Michael McDonald
Percussionists Morten Friis and Uffe Savery used most of 2002 for touring and conquering even more regions of the global market, but that didn’t stop this collaboration with Michael McDonald from becoming yet another international hit. The dance and club stars, educated in classical music, expect to release a new album this year.

The great new flagship of Danish rock, topping the hitlists immediately upon the release of the band’s debut CD. Saybia took all of Denmark by storm in the spring and summer, and then began to set serious sights on international markets. Several countries have already fallen for this tight band and Søren Huss’ stirring vocals.

Mikael Simpson
Recorded one meter from his bed with the help of a 233 MhZ iMac, a sample CD and a bunch of plug-ins for the computer. Those were the tools the former member of Luksus needed to create his debut CD. The songs are full of melancholy, intimacy, calm and beauty, with radiant storytelling in his mother tongue.

Sub-Sui plays dynamic, energetic — and sometimes heavy – rock. With guitarist Stine Birch up front, Denmark has its own rock diva, who can keep up with the likes of Shirley Manson, Courtney Love and the rest. Like many other contemporary bands, Sub-Sui itself has released its CD – and it made impact.

Superheroes’ third CD is the band’s most complex and experimental work to date. Despite these ambitions, the groups intensity and frontman Thomas Troelsen’s energy remains untamed, making this band a hot Danish export item, with lots of fine international connections.

Under Byen
Denmark’s latest rock oddity: songs brimming with foggy pictures, fantastic thoughts, sensuality, vulnerability, strength and a truly special personality. This status was reinforced by the group’s second CD, which has its own unique, universal language – even with Danish lyrics. Music from a dream world.

Lise Westzynthius
Following stints with Rhonda Harris and Luksus, singer-pianist Lise Westzynthius set out on her own. The result is an album spanning minimal pop, electronic spheres, jazzy ballads, French chancons and rock. Her crystal-clear voice on top of it all will make export sales even easier.

Wynona’s music is oppressive, intense, lonesome, rumbling, simple, beautiful – and full of pent up emotion. The style is country, but leans toward the more dusty, experimental interpretations artists like Emmylou Harris have recently been doing. Camilla Munck’s trembling, emotionally-charged vocals in front complete the picture.

Unabashedly good non-compromising pop-smiths who apparently have an endless supply of catchy tunes up their sleeves. Vocalist Jimmy Colding and guitarist Danny Linde are back with their third hit-packed CD, a roguish gleam in their eyes, smiles on their lips and tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks. So, forget about all the chestnuts of pop.