Seminar programme – with a focus on the rock myth

David Fricke – at SPOT for the
third time

The SPOT Festival is music – on many levels. It is more than 100 concerts to choose from on the nine stages in central Århus on June 2-3. And it offers inspiration for the music-orientated audience: an extensive seminar programme that will focus on rock stories and myths – from a number of perspectives.

Take the music critic who has followed rock (and its myths) right from its infancy. Where is it going – and is it losing its importance, or maybe mutating into something new? People like Ryan Schreiber from the trend-setting website Pitchforkmedia and critic legend David Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine and others will give their views on these topics.

Sheila Whiteley – will take a look at the rock
myth and its self-orchestration.

The American writer, A&R boss etc. Sat Bisla gives advice on how to pursue the “Dream of America” – to make it ‘over there’- The British professor Sheila Whiteley will address the rock myth – living as well as dead – and its self-orchestration as a succes parameter. And her compatriot, the experienced industry heavyweight Carl Leighton-Pope – having worked with names like Bryan Adams and Patti Smith in his long career – will speak about the current international live scene.

Erik Fosnes Hansen – a tour around the art of
telling a story.

To a great extent, the rock myth is based on telling a story, a subject that will be addressed by the Norwegian writer Erik Fosnes Hansen, Danish photographer Søren Solkær Starbird, and a panel of composers under the guidance of Neill C. Furio. Fosnes will take the audience on a different journey through the universe of storytelling, Starbird and guests will focus on the depiction of myths in photographies, and in the company of Furio & co. we will take a trip to the storied past of protest song – and back again.

And the German music futurist Gerd Leonhard is going to update and maybe even provoke the audience at his lecture on digital music supply, its issues and potential in the future.

DR Director General Kenneth Plummer –
addressing the presentation of Danish music

The digital future makes great demands on the administration systems of copyrighters, which will be discussed by a panel consisting of KODA’s Martin Gormsen, doctor of law Thomas Riis, and freelance journalist Henrik Moltke under the guidance of DR The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Tine Gøtzsche.

And lastly, SPOT will focus on the debate about whether a new media agreement can contribute to improved presentation of Danish music – this subject will be addressed by a panel consisting of DR’s director general Kenneth Plummer, politicians Ellen Trane Nørby and Mogens Jensen, composer Arne Würgler, head of radio and tv authorities Christian Scherfig, and Knud Vilby from the new Public Service Council.
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The panels will take place at the SAS Radisson Hotel and Århus Kunstbygning respectively. See the final seminar programme, profiles of the speakers, and timetable in the menu on the left.