Seven delights from the Danish goodiebag

Seven delights from the Danish goodiebag
The time for empty christmas calories is over. The new year brings more nurturing delicacies. And Denmark is serving them at this year’s Eurosonic Festival in Groeningen, Holland. No Danish pastry or bacon, but instead great music. All in all with seven concerts that will show the diversity of contemporary Danish rockmusic and songwriting.First up is a Danish evening at De Muziekschool. The ethereal ensemble Under Byen will play alongside the grandiose rock of Kitty Wu and psychedelica rock’n’rollers Baby Woodrose. Also present is Carpark North with their mix of rock and electro.The following day Denmark’s most popular rockstar at the moment, Tim Christensen, will play his melodic tunes at De Spieghel. Wynona will perform their dusty alternative country will perform after him – followed by singer/songwriter Teitur from the Faroe islands. Teitur has just signed with a major multinational label and will do extensive worldwide touring soon.

The Thursday show is presented by the Roskilde Festival, The Agenzy Group, DR – Danish National Radio and ROSA – The Danish Rock Council.


Kitty Wu – Thursday Jan. 8th 21.30-22.15 Muziekschool
The Danish critics called their album ”Privacy” one of the best debuts from a rock band in ages. On their follow-up, ”Rules of Transportation”, they lived out their ambitions with the aid of PJ Harvey-producer Rob Ellis and created new grandiose, but simple and rough compositions. Lyrically they dealt with isolation, cynicism and betrayal. They put this forth successfully, supporting Muse live in the autumn of 2003 outside Denmark.
Kitty Wu

Under Byen – Thursday Jan 8th – 23.00-23.45 Muziekschool
The ethereal and sensuous eight-piece ensemble Under Byen from the town of Aarhus caught the attention of the senior editor at Rolling Stone Magazine, David Fricke, in 2002 and he liked the band instantly. Their New York show one year later at the CMJ Festival confirmed their international appeal when they impressed yet another writer from that same magazine. Even though they sing in Danish they have begun getting serious attention outside Denmark. With their fragile yet highly explosive way of doing their own thing, they have created a unique sound that strikes deep in everyone – across all possible language barriers. 2004 will be a busy year for the band. There are already confirmed shows at the Danish Roskilde Festival and the South By Southwest Festival in Texas – as well as a tour of Germany.
Under Byen

Carpark North – Thursday Jan. 8th 00.30-01.15 Muziekschool
Take a bunch of loud guitar, heavy bassliness, drumloops, samples and synths, and mix it with pop and hard rock, then you have the music of Carpark North. Some call it ”ElectroRock” while others see it as a logical melting pot of the present musical landscape. The four year old band was already a sought-after live act before their debut album came out last year. And they have the right stuff to impress listeners outside Denmark – like at last years Midem 2003. They return to stages abroad in 2004 and their first stop is the Eurosonic Festival.
Carpark North

Baby Woodrose – Thursday Jan. 8th – 02.00-02.45 Muziekschool
Even though the band is only two years old the band members are seasoned rock’n’rollers. This comes across in a second when listening to their in-your-face sweaty psychedelic rock music. They dig deep in the treasure chest of rock-days gone by and come up with their own no-compromise approach to modern retro-rock. Already a popular live band they will continue their
success from last year’s opening gig at the Roskilde Festival and display their talents on stage in 2004 where tours of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe are planned. The single ”Pouring Water” from the second album ”Money For Soul” has been on rotation on MTV Europe in 2003.
Baby Woodrosea>.

Tim Christensen – Friday Jan. 9th 00.00-00.45 De Speighel
Tim Christensen is currently the hottest songwriter and musician in Denmark. Starting out in the 90s with the popular rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy he has now cemented his position as an artist with two solo albums. Not only is he a fine singer and guitarist, he also has the knack for writing the right tune with wide international appeal. He can do both ballads, straight pop and hardhitting rock’n’roll. With a powerful backing band he is now ready to present his second album ”Honeyburst” and will convert any doubting listeners.
Tim Christensen

Wynona – Friday Jan. 9th 01.30-02.00 De Spieghel
In 2001 Wynona released their debut ”Lost Hill” – a collection of lingering alternative country and
roots-influenced songs mixed with a certain Scandanavian tone. Camilla Munck’s yearning voice both pleases the listener as well as hits right where it hurts. The band used these qualities on the follow-up ”Santiago” from 2003 where the band’s international ambitions comes to show. This is emphasized by the fact that they are playing at the Eurosonic Festival.

Teitur – Friday 9th Jan. 00.00-00.45 Grand Theatre (Upstairs)
The title on Teitur’s debut ”Poetry & Aeroplanes” describes this singer-songwriter from the Faroe
Islands perfectly. Ever since he was discovered at the 1999 Spot Festival he has travelled the world
perfecting his craft and making a name for himself. Now he has an English manager, an international publishing deal and record deal with major label Universal Records. Producer Rupert Hine (Suzanne Vega, Tina Turner etc.) created the debut with Teitur. In the last few years Teitur has played his deeply emotional songs at almost 200 shows all over the world – among them as opening act for John Mayer.