Showcase with Four Danish Artists at Amsterdam Dance Event

Showcase with Four Danish Artists at
Amsterdam Dance Event
Hans Henrik Albek

Rumpistol is among the four Danish acts
at this year’s Amsterdam Dance
Event of electronic music.

When Europe’s biggest club festival of electronic music takes over the club stages of Amsterdam on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with a multitude of manifestations and variations of the genre, the programme features four Danish artists: Rumpistol, Rasmus Møbius, Asle, and Morten Trøst are going to play a Danish showcase Friday night.

With 300 acts, 30 venues and a number of music conferences – all of it within the sphere of electronic music – Amsterdam Dance Event is among the most important show rooms of the genre for artists and music business people alike. This year’s festival, which takes place on October 27-29, is the tenth of its kind, and just like last year, Denmark is represented with a showcase at the club DeSmet.

Rasmus Møbius, who will be releasing his debut album in the very near future, is going to open the Danish night in Amsterdam with electronic dub and hip hop. Møbius will be succeeded by Rumpistol, whose second album is on its way. In Rumpistol’s universe various acoustic elements such as guitars and saxophones are added to the electronic experience.

Asle is going to wind up the Danish
showcase on Friday 28th October at DeSmet.

Two DJs are going to round off the showcase: Morten Trøst, aka Soulmagic, who has been very prolific on the Danish and international house scene for more than a decade, and Asle. In June last year, the latter went all the way to the top of Pete Tong’s Buzz Chart with “Some Kinda Freak”

The Danish showcase has been compiled by the organisation Platform Music, which exists for the purpose of furthering the export of and promoting Danish electronic music abroad. Its chairman, Danish Radio producer Martin Rostbøl points out that the equivalent Danish electronic night at DeSmet at last year’s festival filled the house, i.e. an attendance of 300-350.

ROSA/MXD is supporting the Danish Showcase in Amsterdam

Among the many other artists at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event are acts such as Roisin Murphy, Solvent, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, and Josh Wink.