ROSA’s Norwegian feature, Silvia (born 1976), spent her childhood and teens on the small island of Halsnøy between Bergen and Stavanger. After gymnasium she studied for one year at the university in Bergen and subsequently lived in Surrey in England for one year.

Silvia later studied English, economy, administration, innovation and production management at the University of Stavanger and got her masters degree after four years.

After having been assistant director of centre and sales manager for the fitness chain S.A.T.S., her thirst for studying gained in strength again, so Silvia left the European continent and went to Singapore to study technopreneurship at the university. At the same time she was employed with start-up procedures as vice president for the incubator iAxel. Neither her desire for travel nor studying was thereby satisfied, so now Silvia lives in Århus. She studies Market Economy and is writing her thesis on Storytelling.

On the side, she volunteers at Musikcafeen and has previously worked in music at Folken in Stavanger and at the Norwegian festival by:Larm. At ROSA she works on marketing the SPOT Festival to Norwegian and Copenhagen music lovers.