Spleen United, Campsite, and Mew at Eurosonic

Campsite – tour in Netherlands after

Only a few minutes and the distance of a couple of hundred yards between the stages are going to separate Spleen United, Campsite, and Mew when the three Danish bands play on Thursday 12th January at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands. With approximately 160 bands from practically all over Europe competing for the audience’s favour and the attention of the international music business, the objective for all three bands is to stand out among all the other acts at the festival.

In recent years, the festival has provided a significant jumping-off ground to the European market for a number of Danish acts: Saybia, Kashmir, Tim Christensen, and Under Byen have all secured footholds in the Benelux countries by means of concerts / showcases at the festival – Kashmir and Saybia also broke through to the German market, while a large part of Under Byen’s international connections to record companies and booking agencies was established when they played their Eurosonic gig two years ago.

“The Eurosonic Festival has never received as many requests from bands who want to play at the festival as this year,” says Jan Sneum from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation P3, which for nearly ten years has collaborated with ROSA – The Danish Rock Council to present Danish bands at the festival – the last couple of years this collaboration has been expanded with the establishment of Music Export Denmark.

Spleen United – have played in Holland
and Belgium.

“This year we suggested a handful of bands which have already sown the first seeds in the Dutch mould, and the organizers immediately embraced Campsite, who have been going their very own ways. And indeed, they have made it to the play lists in Netherlands and already have a Dutch record contract,” says Jan Sneum. Campsite are going to close the biggest stage Thursday night, and an actual tour in Netherlands awaits immediately after the festival.

“And the organisers also handpicked Spleen United, who have played in the Netherlands and Belgium before, but who on top of this have also done quite a bit of legwork in Germany. With the massive presence of the German Music industry at the festival, Spleen United is an obvious choice,” Sneum says.

Both Spleen United and Campsite are in Groningen as part of the EBU collaboration around the Eurosonic Festival. A long range of radio stations record / broadcast live from the festival. Spleen United’s concert can be heard live on P3, while Campsite’s gig is going to be recorded and saved for later.

Mew – plays the “Mojo Night” at Huize Maas.

In addition to the EBU collaboration, the Eurosonic organisers have singled out yet a third Danish act – namely Mew, who really have things going their way in Scandinavia right now. With Eurosonic, however, they are hoping to expand their territory to the rest of Europe. Kristian Riis says, “Eurosonic is an excellent showcase festival which enjoys plenty of international attention also from the international media. It has become all the rage. And there’s no doubt that the performances of e.g. Saybia and Kashmir in the past have secured Danish music crucial footholds in the Netherlands now. And then the festival really paved the way for Under Byen.”

Jan Sneum sums it up: “Playing at Eurosonic doesn’t guarantee you anything. But, well, you could say that the bands get a lottery ticket, which may win them the big prize – if they make the best of their opportunities, that is. Not just Under Byen, but also Baby Woodrose had plenty of success just two years ago and were interviewed by and featured in the famous German TV show Rockpalast.”

Eurosonic kicks off Thursday and Friday with 160 international acts playing on 22 stages around the city centre in the Dutch university town. Saturday, the musical dimension of the Noorderslag Festival takes over, when 61 Dutch acts perform on the nine stages of De Oosterport – the impressive local music centre. De Oosterport also hosts the large seminar programme, which takes place from Thursday to Saturday.

The Danish bands at Eurosonic:      

Thursday 12th January:
22:15 Spleen United – Mutua Fides
23:45 Mew – Huize Maas
00:30 Campsite – Grand Theatre, Main Hall

* DR – The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, and MXD support the Danish bands’ participation at the festival.