Spleen United on Skand-All tour

Spleen United on Skand-All tour
In early September, Aarhus-based Spleen United is sent to Germany as this year’s third Skand-All band. Over four busy days, the young noise pop band gets to test itself on stages in Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne.Cologne is a new acquaintance in the Skand-All context. The visit to the Ruhr city is motivated in part by a genuine interest following Spleen United’s performance at the Klub-Sanz Festival in Aarhus, where music industry people from Cologne were among the audience.Two-year-old Spleen United has no official releases to its name, but the band is busy getting ready to record a debut album.

Time and place

01.09.04 Hoffest vom Neuen Pferdemarkt 23, 18:00, Hamburg
02.09.04 Kurhotel, Hamburg
03.09.04 Roter Salon, Berlin
04.09.04 Underground, Köln