SPOT festival 2008


Music for the SPOT Festival
The planning of the SPOT Festival 2008 is well under way, and now is the time when bands and artists for whom a showcase at the SPOT Festival is relevant for their national or international careers can apply to play at the festival. Other representatives of the music industry – booking, managements, record companies, concert organizers, media, etc. – are also more than welcome to suggest Danish or Nordic bands for the SPOT line-up.

Application Procedure
To apply for the festival use the online application form at From the 1st of December 2007 it is possible to register for the festival. Please follow the specified instructions on how to upload the required information concerning the band, the contact person, event booking, and pr material as well as tracks.

Deadline for Applications: the 15th of January
To a large extent the programme for the SPOT Festival is compiled on the basis of the material from bands and the music business. To complete the line-up for the festival ROSA – The Danish Rock Council singles out trendsetting bands and artists on the Danish and Nordic music scenes. The overall aim of the SPOT Festival is to support and promote great music on national as well as international markets.