SPOT, MXD and Danish Music to Millions of Viewers in Europe

Last night Franco-German TV channel ARTE showed a seven-minute feature on Danish music with a special focus on Danish music export.

Thus, the thorough feature on Danish music in the popular, yet serious culture programme ARTE TRACKS has been broadcasted to a potential seven million viewers (the estimated daily figures) because the channel can be seen in Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium and is also available in various TV packages in the rest of the EU.

The feature is structured around interviews with Efterklang, Thee Attacks, the record company Crunchy Frog, Merger Management, as well as SPOT On Denmark and praises both the SPOT Festival and MXD – Music Export Denmark as significant factors for the positive atmosphere that surrounds Danish music abroad, just like the feature also makes a stopover at the Roskilde Festival.

But, well, have a look at the feature of your own here